Alt Data for Allocators

Augvest is the oldest buy-side alternative data community with over 600 members representing 230+ hedge funds, PE firms, and VCs. Through our network we have seen that while there has been a great deal of buzz around how data science and AI/ML can be used in investing, only a few dozen firms can be considered to be truly competitive in this space.

In spite of the difficulty of deriving edge from data, more and more funds have been marketing their data science capabilities. These firms have a growing number of conferences and vendors to take talking points from - but there is no similar ecosystem for allocators.

To bridge that knowledge gap, on January 17th we will be hosting a panel discussion to explore how allocators can best assess funds’ data science capabilities. The panel will feature two former heads of hedge fund data science teams as well as a prominent allocator with particular expertise in tech-enabled investing.

Our Co-Host


We are partnering on this event with Alpine Capital Advisors, a placement agent that raises capital for fund managers and companies.


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