Data Infrastructure

Demystifying costs and benefits

There is no single roadmap towards establishing a sophisticated data effort - but broad agreement can be reached on what the most cost-effective technology solutions are as a firm goes from a few proofs of concept to running a large data team. This event will help you understand those solutions and the related costs. The event will consist of two parts:

Panel discussion

A panel of business-savvy technologists will discuss what you should expect as you build out a data effort. They will talk about timeframes as well as key costs:

  • Data subscriptions
  • Infrastructure
  • Human capital

We will place a heavy emphasis on clarifying what deliverables the business can expect to receive from its data effort as the build-out goes on.

Tech demo

Outside some specialty cases, at present the most efficient platform for big data work is Spark. Databricks contributes around 75% of all of the code to Spark, and has also developed a wealth of proprietary tools and resources to enhance and complement core Spark features.

We will present a demonstration of what a cutting edge data exercise looks like in Databricks and how it compares to alternative solutions brought up in the earlier panel discussion.

As always, presentations will be followed by an open mingle giving you a chance to discuss everything with your industry peers. The panelists will also be available to answer any questions you may have about specific technologies and concepts.


GLG will be kindly hosting us at their New York headquarters (60 East 42nd Street) the evening of Tuesday, September 12th. Doors will open at 6pm and the panel discussion will start at 7pm; we would recommend aiming to arrive around 6:30.

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