Data Workshop

Augvest is launching a workshop series to help analysts, traders, and PMs add data analysis to their investment process. Each module focuses on a theme and an application to a business use case. The goal is for investors to develop a dynamic toolkit for everyday research. 

Each module consists of 2-3 evening classes where professionals get hands-on experience in a new area of data science. Additional modules provide footholds in increasingly advanced topics. 

Beyond Excel

The inaugural workshop will focus on how to analyze data that doesn't fit in Excel. It will consist of two classes, to be taught by the co-founders of System2:

Matei Zatreanu will show you how to explore data in Tableau, how to assess data quality, and how to extract actionable insights.

Matei founded System2, a data consultancy, because investing is data and getting data right is endlessly challenging. Previously, Matei played a leading role incorporating data into fundamental research at King Street, a large global hedge fund. He also started a meetup which has gone on to become Augvest.

Matei holds an M.A. in Mathematics from Columbia University and B.A.s in Psychology, Mathematics, Government, and Economics from Cornell University.

David Cheng will help you understand the key components of a big data platform and how your firm should go about assembling them as you develop your data effort.

David runs technology for System2 and is essential to all of the firm's hands-on data work. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he worked as a senior developer for Sapient, Lehman Brothers, and King Street.

David holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University.

This workshop will feature data generously shared with us by ThinkNum.

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