Opportunities in alternative data


In the past couple of years there has been an explosion of interest in so-called 'alternative data' among discretionary investors. This change has been driven by the proliferation of businesses generating valuable exhaust data. Key examples include:

  • Transaction records
  • Geolocation data
  • Clickstream data
  • Scraped data
  • Email receipt data

Transaction data has been particularly impactful - it gives investors deep insights into the performance of consumer facing companies. Links to several case studies are available in a recap of a transaction data event we held earlier this year.

About US

Augvest is a community of about 400 investment professionals from across 140+ hedge funds, private equity firms, and VCs. Our core goal is to help our members make sense of the rapidly expanding alternative data ecosystem - but in the course of discussing recent developments we often hear about job openings.


Staying competitive in alternative data is typically not about building incrementally better models but about accessing, assessing, and integrating new data sources - in short, it's about data engineering. If you are a data engineer with 0-5 years of experience, there are going to be at least a few firms in Augvest which would want to connect.

The skills they look for tend to be quite consistent:

  • Extensive experience with Python and SQL
  • Experience building ETL pipelines, preferably in AWS
  • Applied statistics experience a plus
  • Experience with Spark / Scala a plus

For a more detailed overview of specific technologies used in alternative data build-outs, please see this page.

Connecting with out members

To see if there are fitting opportunities among Augvest member firms, please send your resume to team@augvest.com. We will not share your resume with anyone without your express consent.