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9 Nov 2017

Data Platforms (New York)

Comparison of different platforms coming to market to help funds access and analyse alternative data. Will be followed by a demonstration and open discussion of a new data source.

Past events

12 Sep 2017

Data Infrastructure (New York)

Discussion of recent advances in data engineering and the typical costs and timelines associated with building out a cutting-edge alternative data platform.

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13 Jul 2017

China Analytics (New York)

Discussion of Exante Data's data driven tools for analysing capital flows in and out of China. Followed by a short presentation on the various datasets available for tracking Chinese consumers.

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12 Jul 2017

Recruiting Dinner (New York)

Round-table discussion between heads of data recruiting from several leading funds as well as PMs spearheading the build-out of alternative data efforts at their respective firms.

12 Apr 2017

Transaction Data Trends (New York)

Panel discussion featuring:

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19 Jan 2017

2017 Kick-Off (New York)

Through our offline conversations we have found that there is now broad agreement on what constitutes a sophisticated buy-side data effort. We will provide an update of what that setup looks like - and discuss how it is likely to evolve going forward.

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14 Dec 2016

Holiday Drinks (New York)

A chance to catch up with Augvest regulars after a hectic end to the year.

26 Oct 2016

Thought Leaders' Dinner (New York)

Private meeting of select thought leaders in the alternative data space.

7 Sep 2016

Market for Exhaust Data (Hong Kong)

Kindly hosted by Mettā and supported by Credit Suisse and HSBC.

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6 Sep 2016

Augvest Roundtable SG (Singapore)

Hosted by J.P. Morgan and featuring the head of data science from a major Asian sovereign wealth fund.

4 Aug 2016

Establishing Best Practices (New York)

Panel discussion featuring:

  • Michael Beal - Co-Founder of JPMorgan Intelligent Solutions, CEO of Data Capital Management
  • Michael Recce - Former head of data science at a leading Connecticut based hedge fund
  • Matei Zatreanu - Founder and former head of data science at a leading New York based hedge fund

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28 Apr 2016

Alternative Data Demo Day (New York)

The event consisted of:

  • Presentations of select alternative data projects completed by Upgrade Capital students
  • Overview of YipitData's work on Priceline, AirBnB, JD.com, Etsy, and Groupon
  • Talk on the state of the alternative data space by Gene Ekster

A detailed recap of the event is available here.

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