The Augvest discussion held on 12 April 2017 was focused on the uses and limitations of transaction record data. The panel was moderated by Alexey Loganchuk and featured Matei Zatreanu (System2) as well as the following three transaction data vendors:

Beyond stripping its data of PII, ARM does little additional processing. They launched their product in the past couple of months and it has been well-received because of the richness of their data.

PanelistJason Hills, Chief Revenue Officer

Second Measure handles all processing - their product is a visual dashboard providing detailed insight into the performance of numerous public and private companies.

Sample analyses from their blog: CMG, Philz Coffee, RH

PanelistMike Babineau, Co-Founder and CEO

USquare has proprietary data sources offering similar richness to what ARM is able to provide, but they also handle data processing. Their product will hit the market this summer. 

PanelistBill Pecoriello, Founder and CEO

While ARM Insight is focused on working with established data teams, Second Measure and USquare Insight are open to working with early-stage efforts to help you build internal buy-in for using alternative data.

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