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Data as an Asset

It is now cliche to say that ‘data is the new oil’ - and yet surprisingly little thought has been given to what that means from an investment perspective. We are working to organise a panel discussion with several thought leaders in this space.

Past events

26 Sep 2019

Long-Term Strategy

As the use of alternative data is becoming more and more mainstream, hedge funds have to start shifting their focus from discrete applications to long-term opportunities for value creation. COOs from three leading hedge funds have kindly agreed to share their perspectives and to discuss some of the challenges involved in staying competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

1 Aug 2019

Data science tech

Three executives used their own data science technology firms as reference points to talk about what they perceive the current opportunity set to be for their peers as well as for investors in the space:

  • Gideon Mendels, CEO of Comet ML [ Deck ]

  • Adam Fisher, SVP of Product at Demyst Data [ Deck ]

  • Sage Wohns, CEO of Agolo [ One-pager ]

17 Jan 2019

Data for Allocators

As more and more funds claim to be using big data and machine learning, it is ever more important for allocators to be able to run due diligence on GPs' capabilities in those areas.

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16 Jan 2019

Staying Compliant

Panel discussion of the current state of regulations around alternative data and what investment firms should be doing to make sure they remain compliant as regulations continue to evolve. Featuring:

  • Mark Schonfeld - Partner at Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher

  • Michael Recce - Chief Data Scientist at Neuberger Berman

  • Stefanie Donath - Chief Compliance Office at Southpoint Capital

  • Laurence Herman - General Counsel at GLG

20 Sep / 4 Oct

Election Forecasting

To explore shortcomings in traditional election forecasting techniques and how data can be used to overcome them, we will co-host a webinar and a breakfast roundtable with the CEO of 0ptimus.

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27 Sep 2018

Healthcare Data

Panel discussion featuring HealthVerity, Guidepoint, and 7Park.

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23 Aug 2018

Alternative Data 101 (San Francisco)

In our first event on the West Coast we will provide an overview of how the alternative data ecosystem has evolved in New York and then delve into specific techniques data scientists use to analyse transaction records and geolocation data.

26 Jul 2018

Teach-In: Bayesian Statistics

Taught by Munji Choi, a researcher and instructor at Princeton. We will focus on differences between frequentist and Bayesian statistics in the case of geolocation data. Co-Hosted with AlternativeData.Org.

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19 Jul 2018

Teach-In: Manipulating Alternative Data with Python

Taught by Norman Niemer, Chief Data Scientist at UBS Asset Management (QED). Hands-on technical session on using python for ingesting, preprocessing and analyzing data. Co-Hosted with AlternativeData.Org.

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3 May 2018

Teach-In: Panel Management

Alternative data is seldom perfectly correlated with the KPIs it is used to track - most of the time investors have to make do with small samples. In this event, we will provide an overview of the tools statisticians typically use to compensate for bias and churn in data.

22 Mar 2018

Real Estate Round-table

Round-table discussion of emerging opportunities to make use of alternative data in real estate investing.

22 Feb 2018

Geolocation Data

Panel discussion featuring:

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30 Nov 2017

Data Platforms

Hosted jointly with NYC Data Engineering.

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9 Nov 2017

Data Platforms

Panel discussion featuring the CEOs of:

12 Sep 2017

Data Infrastructure

Discussion of recent advances in data engineering and the typical costs and timelines associated with building out a cutting-edge alternative data platform.

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13 Jul 2017

China Analytics

Discussion of Exante Data's data driven tools for analysing capital flows in and out of China. Followed by a short presentation on the various datasets available for tracking Chinese consumers.

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12 Jul 2017

Recruiting Dinner

Round-table discussion between heads of data recruiting from several leading funds as well as PMs spearheading the build-out of alternative data efforts at their respective firms.

12 Apr 2017

Transaction Data Trends

Panel discussion featuring:

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19 Jan 2017

2017 Kick-Off

Through our offline conversations we have found that there is now broad agreement on what constitutes a sophisticated buy-side data effort. We will provide an update of what that setup looks like - and discuss how it is likely to evolve going forward.

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14 Dec 2016

Holiday Drinks

A chance to catch up with Augvest regulars after a hectic end to the year.

26 Oct 2016

Thought Leaders' Dinner

Private meeting of select thought leaders in the alternative data space.

7 Sep 2016

Market for Exhaust Data (Hong Kong)

Kindly hosted by Mettā and supported by Credit Suisse and HSBC.

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6 Sep 2016

Augvest Roundtable SG (Singapore)

Hosted by J.P. Morgan and featuring the head of data science from a major Asian sovereign wealth fund.

4 Aug 2016

Establishing Best Practices

Panel discussion featuring:

  • Michael Beal - Co-Founder of JPMorgan Intelligent Solutions, CEO of Data Capital Management

  • Michael Recce - Former head of data science at a leading Connecticut based hedge fund

  • Matei Zatreanu - Founder and former head of data science at a leading New York based hedge fund

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28 Apr 2016

Alternative Data Demo Day

The event consisted of:

  • Presentations of select alternative data projects completed by Upgrade Capital students

  • Overview of YipitData's work on Priceline, AirBnB, JD.com, Etsy, and Groupon

  • Talk on the state of the alternative data space by Gene Ekster

A detailed recap is available here.

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